Innodisk Cfast 3IE - Cfast iSLC

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The iSLC [3IE series] is designed as  endurance, performance and reliability to MLC-based solutions. Through the use of flash management algorithms, iSLC improves SSD endurance up to 20,000 times, increasing lifespans up to 10 times longer than MLC-based solutions. In addition, iSLC improves the performance of solid state drives, with similar write performance of SLC-based solutions, and with data quality that is on par with SLC technologies. The Innodisk iSLC series is cost efficient, boasting excellent benefits at only half the price of SLC-based solutions.

CFast 3IE can work under harsh environment, and complies with ATA protocol. Without additional drives, the disk can be configured as a boot device or data storage device. CFast 3ME support hardware write protect to prevent modification of valuable data on a device. Besides, through Innodisk's enhanced power cycling technology and more capacitors, CFast 3IE prevents data loss caused by sudden power failure. By using Innodsik's iSMART, users can not only monitor the operation status of SSD, but also visualize Wear-Leveling status with graphics.


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Core FeaturesTypical Applications

iSLC technology

SATA III interface

Extremely low power consumption

iSMART disk health monitoring

Intelligent data recovery system

Hardware write protect

Excellent transfer speed

Enhanced power cycling management

Mobile Computing

Industrial Control & HMI 


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