JH104LPNN - 10.4” SVGA High Bright LCD (G104SN03V5), 1000 nits

The JNM JH104LPNN is a 10.4” TFT LCD panel with 1000nits brightness based on the AUO G104SN03v5 cell, suitable for sunlight or high ambient light conditions. The unit features a wide dimming inverter, integral low EMI LED backlight, high transmittance colour filter / polariser and an low overall power consumption.

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Core FeaturesTypical Applications

Brightness: 1000 nits


LED Backlight with driver


SVGA resolution- 800x600 resolution


Outline dimensions - 236.0 × 176.9 × 5.7mm


Power consumption 5.38w


Interface LVDS(1ch,6/8-bit)


High Shock & Vibration Resistance


Low Power Consumption


High Uniformity & Low EMI Noise


Wide Temperature


High Reliability

TV broadcast

Outdoor Kiosk

Digital Signage

Petrol station pump