JB4238LPNN- 38" 1920x480 res, 1/2 cut 42" FHD, 1000nits

The  JNM JB4238LPNN is a 38" diagonal LCD based on a 1/2 CUT 42" FHD TFT cut LCD panel with resolution of 1920x480 and 1000nits brightness. The unit has an ultra wide aspect ratio and is ideal for display applications were space is at a premium. Features include a wide dimming inverter, integral low EMI LED backlight, high transmittance colour filter / polariser and a low overall power consumption

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Core FeaturesTypical Applications

Brightness: 1000nits


LED Backlight with driver


Cut HD resolution 1920 x 480


973.2 x 304.6 x 28mm overall size


Power Consumption 94w


High Shock & Vibration Resistance


Low Power Consumption


High Uniformity & Low EMI Noise


Wide Temperature


High Reliability

AV monitor for TV

Audio mixing desk

Digital Signage

Passenger information display