NCb-231 - High speed LPR camera with global shutter


The NCb-231 is a Box type NexCam product has been designed specifically for LPR/ANPR applications. It uses a 2/3" Full HD progressive scan CMOS image sensor and Global Shutter with excellent performance under low light conditions and high speed moving vehicles up to 250km/h

The unit supports high-performance H.264/MJPEG compression technology and offers extra smooth video at up to 50fps in 1080p. In addition, Video the ROI[Region Of Interest] function reduces bandwidth and storage requirements.

The Rich I/O includes audio jack, micro SD cardslot, flash strobe out and IR strobe out. It also allows the users to use Digital Input and Digital output for the applications such as alarm system.

The NCb-231 is ideal building block for traffic surveillance or civil enforcement systems.

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Core Features

LPR high speed box camera


Full HD1080P @ 50fps


Micro SD slot


Rich I/O




2/3" Image Sensor


-20 to 60c operating


Lens optional