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An extensive range of displays products from 7 segment LCD glass to fully waterproof outdoor display monitors

Embedded single board computers are designed for industrial environments and can be offered in all common industry form factors. Products are offered with extended manufacturing life support and strict revision control.

An extensive range of products from rugged PDA's to in-vehicle computers designed specifically for mobile environments. Vehicle, rail and marine certifications

Rugged box PC's are fully solid state and use only quality industrial grade components to withstand harsh environments. Units are built with extended manufacturing availability and strict revision control

Panel PC's adopts an all-in-one solution integrating an SBC, industrial grade TFT LCD Panel, and touch screen within a compact NEMA 4 / IP65 sealed chassis. Each unit is network-ready with exceptional I/O connectivity. 

Featuring multiple video outputs with high resolution, the digital signage embedded platforms are an ideal selection for signage and multi-media applications

The range includes solid state storage in 1.8" & 2.5" SATA, SATA DOM, mSATA and cfast formats. Devices can be offered in semi-industrial (-20 to 70c) and industrial (-40 to 85c) operating temperature ranges, across MLC and SLC technologies

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7" WSVGA LCD, Freescale i.MX6 CPU, Capacitive touch, Wifi/BT,GPS/3G WWAN,  5MP camera, android 4.2, optional RFID & NFC reader


7” WVGA PCAP Touch Display, ARM Cortex A8 1.1Ghz, Webacam, 3G/Wi-Fi/BT, Android 4.1 OS, RFID, E-mark


7” WVGA TFT, Touch, Light sensor, Webcam, Card Reader, All-in-one cable


Intel® Atom™ D525 1.8 Ghz CPU, Ignition Smarts, GPS/3G/Wifi, 24v isolated input, EN50155, IP65 case


6.5” VGA TFT, VGA / DVI, 4W resistive Touch (USB/RS-232), 4W resistive touch, 12v input

Category: Camera & NVR

Intel® Core™ i3-6100U, i7-6600U, Ignition Smarts, GPS, 3G/Wi-Fi/BT (opt), OBDII(0pt), 8xPOE, Wake-ON-SMS, triple SSD, iButton, Triple SIM


7” PCap Touch Display, TI Sitara ARM A8 Cortex CPU, Android 2.3, Wifi/BT,GPS/3G WWAN,  1D laser/2D Imager Scan,  RFID,  Dual Webcam


7” Touch Display, Intel® Atom™ E640 1Ghz, Full Ignition Smarts, GPS, configurable 3G, wifi & BT, Wake-ON-SMS, E-mark


7” WVGA TFT, Touch, Light sensor, Webcam, Card Reader, All-in-one cable


Intel® Atom™ D525 1.8 Ghz CPU, Ignition Smarts, 3G/Wifi, 24v isolated input, EN50155


ARM Cortex A8 720 Mhz,Ignition Smarts, GPS,3G/Wifi (0pt),Canbus V2.0b,Wake-ON-SMS,WEC7& Linux 3.1 support


8” SVGA TFT, Touch, Light sensor, Webcam, Card Reader, All-in-one cable


10.1” WXGA TFT, VGA + 3 composite, resistive or capacitive multi-touch options, 400/800nits brightness, Auto light sensor, All-in-one cable


Intel® Atom x5-3930 DC 1.8G CPU, Ignition Smarts, Dedicated GPS, LTE/Wifi/BT, OBDII (via modules), G-sensor, TPM, E-mark


10.4" XGA LCD, Intel ATOM D525 1.8GHZ CPU, Digitiser or Resistive touch, Wifi/BT,GPS/3G WWAN,  1D laser/2D Imager Scan,  RFID, Smart card Reader, Fingerprint reader


Intel® Atom E640 1Ghz, Ignition Smarts, GPS/3G/Wifi/BT, Canbus, Wake-ON-SMS, E-mark


10.4” Touch LCD, Intel® ATOM D2550, Ignition smarts, GPS/3G/Wifi/BT, Canbus, Wake-ON-SMS, IP65 case, E-mark


8” SVGA TFT, Touch, Light sensor, Webcam, Card Reader, All-in-one cable


Intel® ATOM E3845 1.91Ghz CPU, Ignition Smarts, GPS/Wifi/BT, Wake-ON-SMS, dual SIM & dual 3G (opt), video capture (opt), 4 x DIO with isolation, EN50155, TX temp range